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The website of form, Germany’s oldest magazine about industrial and graphic design, has always been created by MESO since their online activity began in 1997. The current version is an adaptation of the print design and was created together with the Frankfurt-based company hauser lacour.

The magazine form has existed since 1957 and has always been dedicated to all areas of creative design. We have been their partner for their online activities ever since form started to get online in 1997 when Mathias Wollin created the first concept for an ever-evolving online magazine. The current version, the third in a row, is adapted to the new and fresh design of the magazine in 2006 and was developed together with the designers of the magazine, hauser lacour.

The website was to stay as close to the print design as possible in order to translate the reading experience of the print magazine to the online version. This was made possible by the careful and precise use of typography and graphical elements, and functional solutions like the possibility to browse the current, as well as all former, issues of the printed magazine. A job forum, numerous service offers all about the topic, and the possibility to subscribe to the print magazine online offer the user lots of information and the publisher the marketing possibilities they need.

The daily work on the content of the website, the regular email newsletter, and the commercial banners shown on the page are all done with our content management system “aspekt:ratio” which is so easy to use that there is no need for a lot of training for editors.

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