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MMI is a leading communication enterprise in the health sector. MESO joined with DG Medien to extend the aspekt:ratio content management system to create a feature rich application for MMI hosting some unique content retrieval systems for automatically generating content for several book projects as well as their accompanying web sites. 

Guidebook for rehab

The handbook “Handbuch Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen” features over 1,700 German and European rehabilitation clinics and is used by physicians to find a matching clinic for their patients. Every clinic books one or two pages in the 1,000-page book and is represented by texts and an image. For MMI and together with our long standing project partner DG Medien we extended our content management system aspekt:ratio with an interface for the clinics to administer their data themselves.

Clinics can change texts, database relations, and images and get an automatic PDF-preview that completely matches with the page in the book later to control the changes.

MMI benefits from the vastly reduced administrative overhead compared to before, when the clinics sent their information via e-mail or CD-ROM in all kinds of formats. At the same time, the ease-of-use for the clinics is improved, because they are immediately able to see what exactly happens to their page.

aspekt:ratio proves to be very suitable for this task, as the use of the well-designed interfaces is very easy; even if they need be used only once a year.

The Website

Because the data collected here is stored in the same system that also hosts the website of the book, it was easily possible to reuse the data there to create an interactive search that can be used as a new media extension of the good old book.

The website also features a great amount of information about health and rehabilitation, news, and a special “Patient to Clinic” system. Users can use the “Patient to Clinic” system to anonymously fill out a form on what kind of rehabilitation they need; the website then informs all matching clinics about their request. A clinic can then use the administration interface to get in contact with patients without requiring their personal data. This allows patients to search for German and European clinics comfortably and anonymously.

Handbook and System "Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen"
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Website Clinic Page
Website Clinic Page
Website Clinic Page
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The Handbook published by MMI © MMI

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Guidebook for fitness

Handbook "Fitness-Einrichtungen" © MMI
Handbook "Fitness-Einrichtungen" © MMI

For German health publisher MMI, our project partner DG Medien created a system that allows for entry and administration of all relevant data of the most important fitness studios in Germany. Similar to “Handbuch Reha”, and actually based on the same CMS aspekt:ratio, the overhead for administration and print production was massively reduced.

At the same time a website was generated from the data that allows a nearby studio to be found which offers all the desired features. The design that proved very usable for “Der Kassenarzt” was reworked and reused to keep the corporate design line straight and costs low. Of course the editors are happy to be able to use just the same interfaces they already know from the other aspekt:ratio based MMI projects.

“Der Kassenarzt” website

“Der Kassenarzt” is a popular German magazine for physicians bringing monthly news and information to the doctor's practice. MMI asked us and our project partner DG Medien to integrate the new website for the magazine into the already existing content management system for the “Handbuch Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen”.

We designed a website that keeps close to the well-known design of “Der Kassenarzt”, but still takes care of the specialties of the world wide web and computer displays, thus avoiding the dullness that usually appears when trying to keep a website too close to print design. The result is a not-so-fancy but still very pretty website that looks a little bit like the magazine. It is optimized for good overview of the content and readability, because your average physician is usually not known to be so computer prone.

Content Page

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