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Customized Experience

While the Travel Store acts as a comprehensive design concept, each of the three “islands” can display one of five different travel worlds that reflect the product portfolio of Designreisen. They showcase the iridescent facets of various travel destinations around the globe, using three forms of visual media.

The immersive experience produced by the digital and analog elements of the installation thus embodies the brand value of Designreisen, “Connecting to Paradise”, in a way that is individualized to each customer.

Travel Store with three room islands © Nick Frank
Entrance area with light shows © Nick Frank

Large-scale Philips Luminous Textiles in the entrance area greet customers with an attractive play of light; thanks to their textile covering they also have a noise-absorbing effect. As an official content partner of Philips, we were able to produce special animations for the luminous textile wall panels. The bespoke animations play into the unique features of the light system.

Room island from outside © Nick Frank
The consultancy island with ambience moods of the travel destinations © Nick Frank
Curtains with high-value architectural lighting © Nick Frank

Moving ambient “moods”, partly complemented with imagery, generate excitement for traveling. The videos produced by us are projected onto the curtains of the circular booths from behind, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Customized LED rings between multilayered curtains create an expansive light display. The high-quality color compositions are variable and adapt to the tonality of the surrounding mood in real-time, thanks to our dynamic algorithm.

We rounded off the media system with a Sonos wireless speaker system. Customized 30-minute soundscapes complement the visual impressions of the “islands” on an acoustic level.

Control app

In order to be able to react dynamically in customer meetings it was crucial that the space could be individualized. Our control app allows for a fast and flowing change of atmosphere without interrupting the discussion with the customer.

Each consultant can configure the light, video, and sound display with various scenes on a well-organized and reduced interface to change the display in the entire customer area and for each island individually.

Control app interface © MESO
Control app interface © MESO

The system also includes a content management system so that Designreisen can add extra content that matches the brand, new products, or current marketing campaigns and events at any time.

The app can be used to assemble original scenes from new themes and motifs and therefore create a unique atmosphere. The result is a flexible system with numerous design options for a multi-sensory experience.


Test arrangement of the LED strips and curtains in the electronic workshop at MESO © MESO
Each island consists of several LED layers and curtains © MESO
Happy faces: Prototype demonstration with Designreisen CEO Marion Aliabadi © MESO

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