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Micro Warp Screen

Four miniature LED projectors deliver all of the secondary information and are matched to a warped screen that embraces the speedometer.

The display inside the steering wheel is a multi-touchscreen built out of two pico projectors and a high-definition infrared camera, all integrated into the column of the steering wheel. They deliver a seamless edge-blended and dewarped surface; the steering wheel can, of course, be rotated as usual. An infrared line-laser in the lower rim of the wheel helps to detect the driver’s fingers.

© MESO Digital Interiors
Triple Ghost Display © www.Formfreu.de

Triple Ghost Display

The speedometer is a “Pepper’s Ghost”-style display with three transparent mirror images stacked in depth.

The cool thing about this is that it gives us three different planes of focus to choose from; nice for some focus/defocus effects that actually do guide the viewer’s eye and which also look cool.

Behind the scenes

Triple Ghost Display Speedometer Module © MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
Triple Ghost Display Speedometer Module © MESO Digital Interiors

Micro Warp Screen Module

© MESO Digital Interiors

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