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Interior View blueEFFICIENCY 2009 © MESO Digital Interiors

The central element of the interior is a floor-to-ceiling glass cylinder onto which liquid-like video images of the 360° projection are shown.

The inside of the facade serves as a projection surface for a 360° video sequence. The image suggests the appearance of a glowing liquid through which different blue-colored streaks and geometric moiré move. The constant variations in color and shape create a flowing motion. Typographic content is played from time to time over the atmospheric background film in form of essential questions related to the exhibition topic.

Interior View Future Mobility 2005 © MESO Digital Interiors

Interior View Future Mobility 2005

© 3deluxe
Content in Stuttgart 2009 © MESO Digital Interiors
Content in Stuttgart 2009 © MESO Digital Interiors
Touch sensitive interface with LEDs © 3deluxe

We developed three intuitive interfaces to switch between the four topic areas and select playful sub-menus containing three special interest films in addition to the main film.

The touch-sensitive interfaces are mounted on a white leather bench that runs around three-quarters of the room. Up to three visitors can call up content at any one time with enough space for seven observers. The remaining quarter of the room, located between the two entrances, is taken up solely by standing space.

Interior View Future Mobility 2005 © 3deluxe

Behind the scenes

We used a total of eight projectors to combine a seamless background with high-definition content in each quadrant. Twelve projectors were responsible for the surround projection.

© MESO Digital Interiors

Realtime distortion of interactive content

© MESO Digital Interiors
Hardware drawers © MESO Digital Interiors
Projection system for inner cylinder © MESO Digital Interiors

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