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LED modules on the glass facade: The interactive media facade of the former Zeilgalerie

defining a new future

The building, inaugurated in 1992 as the shopping mall “Les Facettes”, had always been considered an experimental building for cross-disciplinary encounters. It had featured Frankfurt’s first media facade, designed by media artist Christian Möller.

When redesigning the building, the Wiesbaden design agency 3deluxe was keen on preserving the architectural identity of the building. The most significant feature of the renovation was the complex composition of dynamic lighting on the tripartite facade.

LED modules on the glass facade © 3deluxe

The attractive geometrically constructed grid alludes to the original contours of the historic facade.

LED patterns on the glass facade © 3deluxe
LED patterns on the glass facade © 3deluxe

The attractive geometrically constructed grid alludes to the original contours of the historic facade.

Dynamic light ballett

We were the creative media designers responsible for the aesthetic quality of the LED data feed. Our point of departure was the static facade design by 3deluxe. It was based on the design principles of multi-layering and geometrical ornamentation. When translating these elements into moving animation, we combined organic, softly pulsating surfaces and super fast accentuated lines.

This overlap of elegant large-format effect and fast micro-animation produced attractive patterns of considerable visual depth. We created a multitude of generative scenes that convey calm but fascinate with an occasional surprise.
Our intelligent playout scheduler provided continuous, uninterrupted media displays.

The holistic combination of all involved lighting elements formed a system, which created a unique urban atmosphere on one of the busiest shopping streets in Germany.

Bespoke media system

LED patterns on the glass facade: The smart algorithm knows the position of each LED module © MESO

Each of the 60,000 LEDs can be individually controlled: the diamond grid of diagonal LED modules, the numerous light points in the surface area as well as the light bands on the rotunda.

Our bespoke mapping system regulated the complex layout of the Leurocom LEDs and was able to control all the graphic design features of the media installation on a precise pixel level.

3D rendering of the facade allows for the adjusting of the light animations © MESO

By creating a 3D simulation of the light animation we were able to gain a realistic preview of the optical effect on the shopping mall.

By tweaking the parametric visuals the urban surroundings were already taken into account during the creative phase.


Use of the media facade as a grid for the characters "MESO dot NET." © MESO

Frankfurt business life cycle in time-lapse: The old media facade is replaced by the new one in 2010.  And the refurbished building gets torn down in 2015. 

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Thomas Eichhorn, Paul Scheytt, Björn Schwarzer, Philipp Lorenz, Olga Grischtschenko, Max Wolf