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Inspiration Wall

For British TV station ITV, Jason Bruges Studio realized an entire high-rise floor of “creative rooms”; a think-tank dedicated to the future of television including lounges, meeting rooms and workplaces dedicated to the creation of new advanced concepts. We had the pleasure of developing some collaborative digital media tools for these offices.

A select community of colleagues and correspondents (a closed user group of potentially several thousand people) were able to upload inspirational images and video files over intranet, which would then be automatically played back on the mood-monitor wall in the lobby of the creative-rooms. A web-based CMS would allow the local users to arrange their own selection of imagery on the many monitors in the boardrooms, thereby effectively facilitating impressive presentations spanning half a dozen (or so) monitors in unison.

Upload Screen for creative Input © MESO Web Scapes
Intranet Web Page for Inspiration Wall (left) and LED Color Moods (right) © MESO Web Scapes
Intranet Web Page for controlling Creative Room with the User Generated Content © MESO Web Scapes
Inspiration Wall © MESO Digital Interiors
LED Color Moods © MESO Digital Interiors

A separate view in the CMS permits the team to adapt the color of the room’s mood lighting to the color schemes of the uploaded images.

Behind the scenes

Creative Room (under construction) with various monitors © MESO Digital Interiors
Filling the Creative Room with the User Generated Content © MESO Digital Interiors

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