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We are always looking for the most curious minds and those with a desire to transform ideas of the future into present-day realities. Whether you build software or hardware, tinker with mechanical objects, manage a transdisciplinary team, are a professional communicator or designer, we look forward to hearing from you.


Our facilities at MESO feature plenty of space, an ambitious team and technical devices for the experienced, most motivated and inquisitive among you. 

We try to create an atmosphere that encourages experimentation. At the work-bench and in the kitchen. 

Not only do we work on a wide range of complex commercial projects, we also love to exchange our hands-on experience and theories on the use and role of technology with others.

By the way, we are also the birthplace of vvvv and provide a home for NODE Forum for Digital Arts

Based in the heart of Frankfurt, a city with more than 180 nationalities, we also enjoy a multilingual workplace.

Joreg (part of the vvvv group) during the official vvvv keynode at NODE Forum 2015 © Jessica Schäfer

Even though our main spoken languages are German with lots of English, we are also fluent in JavaScript, vvvv/vl, Python, Ruby, C#, C++, Golang among other vernaculars.

Enjoy freedom, responsibility and root on your own machine.

Get in touch!

Your points of contact: Mathias Wollin (left) and Miriam Hohmuth (right)

Call us or drop us an email, we'd love to talk to you!

Miriam Hohmuth Human Resources, Financial Management +49 69 24 000 335 +49 69 24 000 335

MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
Gutleutstr. 96 . 60329 Frankfurt . Germany

Mathias Wollin Partner +49 69 24 000 326 +49 69 24 000 326

MESO Digital Services GmbH
Gutleutstr. 96 . 60329 Frankfurt . Germany