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MESO is a design studio based in Frankfurt. We create digital systems for communicative spaces.


The main issues that we face are not about technology or design. They are about structurally being able to provide value to humanity.


A Network for Innovation

Manufacturing meets smart design and digitalization: MESO is now part of the Future Factory network. Together with our partners, we will explore new solutions for industrial production processes.

Technology is similar to design. They are both parts of an equation and both need to be done perfectly - it is a craft to get this done.


NOTUI: David’s crazy flexible open source 3d ui library

To advance the state of art in user interfaces we created an easy to use 3d UI library, written entirely in C#. And tidily wrapped for our favorite rapid development tool vvvv. NOTUI is a behavior package and robust skeleton for UI elements by David Morasz. More info here:

Pretty patterns generated by involuntary DoS attacks


Unimpressed by technology since 1997.


Testing for Nacht der Museen

We're flexing and testing electromyography for Davide Balula's performance at “Nacht der Museen” at Schirn Kunsthalle on May, 5th. Save the Date!

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