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Die Sehnsucht hat allemal Recht

In September 2021 the German Romantic Museum opened its doors to the public. We’re proud to be part of this cultural highlight, having contributed strategic and technological consultancy, design, programming and implementation for more than 40 media installations in close cooperation with the curators and scenographers.

Right next to the historic Frankfurter Goethe Haus, the new museum invites visitors to dive into the era of romaticism. Over the past 100 years, the Freies Deutsches Hochstift has compiled an unprecedented collection on this epoch.

Physical exhibits enhanced by audio- and video integration © Alexander Englert

This wealth of knowledge, artworks and objects was now turned into the first permament exhibition on German Romanticism – for citizens, school classes, tourists and researchers alike. Texts, manuscripts, books, sketches and paintings are shown in a multimedial – in the romantic sense: synaesthetic – context of ideas, works and protagonists.  

MESO was chosen as the expert in complex media installations. Together with the scenographers from Sounds of Silence, we developed over 40 individual media stations from concept to implementation and coordinated external creatives, manufacturers and suppliers as the general contractor for media systems.

With the Interactive Map, the lives and travels of Romanticism’s protagonists can be retraced in detail

© Alexander Englert

Die Sehnsucht hat allemal Recht

The Brentano listening station © Alexander Englert
Video projection mapping © Alexander Englert