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This year’s CES has been relocated from the fair grounds in Las Vegas to virtual space. In close collaboration, we developed a custom communication system for HERE Technologies, enabling meaningful presentations and client interaction – despite physical distance.

In the past years, HERE Technologies invited all those interested in future mobility solutions and location intelligence to their large-scale pavilion at CES. While diving into the creative process for the 2021 edition, it remained unclear wether and in which form the trade show could happen.

Realtime graphics on stage, waiting for live action © MESO

Therefore, we developed a concept that can be applied to a physical exhibition as well as setting new standards in remote presentations in close collaboration with HERE and Jack Morton. When ultimately it was decided to turn CES 2021 into a purely digital event, our client was optimally prepared.

We took care of concept and storytelling, 3D, motion and UX design as well as programming and hosting of the software.

3D information landscape


A wide range of existing presentation media explaining HERE’s complex portfolio was integrated into a 3D environment. This not only connects products and narratives to places and stories in a playful way, but also creates a homogenous, high-quality aesthetic and brand image.

Presentation software, screenshot © MESO

Based on realtime DirectX 12 Raytracing technology running on remote servers, presenters can navigate the 3D environment on their laptops during web conferences with clients or partners. All videos and presentations needed to conduct meaningful product pitches are accessible seamlessly from this information landscape.

Presentation software, screenshot © MESO
Presentation software, screenshot © MESO
Realtime graphics on stage, waiting for live action © MESO

To address the general public during CES 2021, our long-term partner Jack Morton was commissioned to produce high-quality film footage of talks and presentations beforehand. We streamed the visuals to a large LED wall the presenters on stage then interacted with.

Thanks to its flexibility and technological versatility, HERE Technologies will be applying the communication concept developed for CES 2021 to further brand touchpoints such as showrooms or video conferences.