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Renaissance Art under the digital microscope

How do you turn a monumental piece of art into a tangible and accessible experience? We developed a digital installation for the exhibition “Hans Baldung Grien. sacred | profane” opening at Kunsthalle Karlsruhe next week.

One central piece of the painter’s oeuvre, a high altar located in Freiburg Minster, is brought to life and into the exhibition through an interactive media exhibit. The original altar is almost three metres in height and shows the inner panels only during Christmas and Lent. 

Digital camera perspectives on the high-resolution footage © MESO
Digital camera perspectives on the high-resolution footage, detail © MESO

By integrating high-resolution imagery of all panels of the altar into a digital 3D environment, we were able to combine realistic impressions with interactive features. The exhibit allows incredible close-ups of the artwork to reveal minuscule details which had been invisible to churchgoers since 1516. 

The exhibition “Hans Baldung Grien. sacred | profane” runs from 30 November 2019 until 8 March 2020. Scenography was developed by bachdolder.