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© MESO / Constantin Urban

In addition to the permanent collection, Deutsches Romantik-Museum also shows temporary exhibitions in a seperate space. The first show “Rêve – Dreaming Romantic Europe” takes visitors on a virtual journey to places, objects and events across the continent.

diving into an abstract parcours

Romanticism spread way across the borders of Germany in the 19th century. Historical traces can be found all over Europe, as the database euromanticism proves. The artist Stefan Matlik turned the scientific findings into an atmospheric space in which visitors actively explore – both physically by moving across a large map and virtually by triggering imagery connected to places via their smartphones.

Our team was entrusted with planing and setting up the technical framework. The result is a smooth and immersive experience connecting light, sounds, interactivity and projection.

© MESO / Constantin Urban
© MESO / Constantin Urban

On entering the space, visitors find instructions how to access the museum’s WiFi before they beginn their stroll through the exhibition.

Set in semi-darkness, the abstract form of the European continent taped on the ground and large QR codes glow in black light. When in idlemode, a total of seven powerful projectors let typography appear and disappear on the walls.

As soon as a visitors scans any of the QR codes, the projection changes and displays imagery connected to the place “visited”.

© MESO / Constantin Urban
© MESO / Constantin Urban
© MESO / Constantin Urban

On the smartphone, the entry on the respective object or person is automatically retrieved, providing additional background information from the scientific database.


Planning of the projection areas © MESO
Ceiling installation © MESO
Testing QR-code sizes © MESO
Tape selection © MESO

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