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We developed and implemented a motion design concept and playback solution for a light-installation at an historic coal crane after an initial pitch by Prof. Peter Eckart from HfG Offenbach. The crane is located in a developing harbor area in Offenbach and owned by the EVO (Energieversorgung Offenbach). It has been in daily use since 1902. Now every night the crane turns into an animated landmark of the redeveloping area. The project was opened during the 2010 Luminale and has been on permanent display after sunset since then.

© MESO Digital Interiors

For the installation, our partner Lightlife equipped with the crane with 378 monochrome cold white Traxon LED tubes, integrating around 36,000 individual LEDs. Our mapping algorithm allowed for an easy control of all LEDs. The crane moves during the day, so all control has to be done wirelessly. Two e:cue butlers connect via WLAN to control the LEDs.

The crane is prominently located between the A661 motorway and the Main River and can be seen from Hafen2 and Robert Johnson.  

Our employee Timon Skerutsch did a nice video of the crane in 2020: 

Behind the scenes

vvvv made in vvvv © MESO Digital Interiors

Our mobile office with workplaces for on-site hardware installation and software tweaking. 

Finalizing the LED pattern animations and the playback system. 

© MESO Digital Interiors
Philipp Steinweber programming in the crane © MESO Digital Interiors
© MESO Digital Interiors
© MESO Digital Interiors
The rear side: Non-public view from the perspective of the industrial area. © MESO Digital Interiors

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Daniel Schwarz, Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Philipp Steinweber