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We were excited to be invited for the fourth time to be a core part of the website team for the university of art and design, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (HfG Offenbach). In its fourth incarnation, the visual design and basic front-end concept of the website was created by a student team around Prof. Alexander Oppermann and they did a great job hitting the thin line between chaos and usability that best represents what the HfG is all about.

Agile process

In a very agile process, we threw in all of our knowledge about how to bring a concept like this to life.

Together with the team, we tried to realize the project as close as possible to the students’ design proposal.

User experience

With some hard work, nearly all of the proposed features were made possible.

Random-like graphic elements, a multi-column JavaScript layout with responsive rules for text re-flow and live hyphenation, and readable rendering on even most older browsers.

Managed content

The HfG Offenbach is extremely open in encouraging professors to develop innovative formats. Over the years the our website has become the major tool to communicate the manifold projects and formats within the school. Some consider it even as an unofficial ranking platform for the faculty.

Editorial editing made easy for all members of the HfG.

Editing a new entry in the backend
Corresponding frontend view

Previous version of 2000

Being part of their diploma when they were students at HfG themselves, Martin Schuster and Mathias Wollin created the first website version based on a database driven web system. 

Startpage of the legacy version of 2000
Student's project list

The multi purpose web was already based on a content management system, marking an important step as it was quite a novelty back then. This allowed  students to publish their work in a quick and easy way, without the hassles of registering and programming their own website.

The former "fleeing" menu made room for the new flash menu which with its fehlfarben behavior is an homage to the print techniques also still taught there, and tries to give the website a typographical touch by letting the letters "hit" the screen from behind when idle.

Startpage, News and Calendar
Content page, library

Another newly introduced tool is called "workgroups". Used for collaborating when meetings are few or when some project participants are abroad, this tool lets the project groups share files, knowledge and timetables in a simple to use online file system.

Curious about our approach? Feel free to get in touch!

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Martin Schuster, Joakim Reinert, Alessia Corsini