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© MESO / Constantin Urban

Steering wheel with display systems

We designed and built the display systems for the Hyundai concept car “RN30”, which simulate a lap on the Nürburgring based on real telemetric data. Special attention was focused on the dynamically rotating map screen display; a feature taken from the artificial horizon of airplane instrumentation.

The ultimate racing experience

We were responsible for the technical execution of the display systems for the “RN30”, a Hyundai concept car, first presented at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

Hyundai’s “RN30” concept interior view © MESO / Constantin Urban
Hyundai’s “RN30” concept car at Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris © MESO / Constantin Urban
Co-driver view of the steering with the two display modules © MESO

The mobile interface design seamlessly blends into the interior design of the vehicle. The first smartphone module is attached behind the steering wheel. It shows the gear, velocity, current rotation speed, and other critical car information.

A laser-sintered smartphone mount permits the second smartphone module to fit right into the steering wheel. The module displays an interactive route simulation of the Nürburgring with the car’s position, based on real telemetric data and imparts the feeling of a racing experience.

This module executes a bespoke mobile application that takes full advantage of the phone’s built-in “Magnetometer” functionality. The map moves dynamically in response to rotation; a feature taken from the artificial horizon in airplane instrumentation.

Front view of the steering with the two display modules © MESO / Constantin Urban


Two Samsung Galaxy S6 serve as carier for our prototype software © MESO / Sarah Schmid

Each module consists of a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, a power converter (12 V to 5 V), and a clamp that holds the two parts together. The parts are glued together and modified to fit the casing. The thin foam frame on the front prevents soiling and gives the buttons space to prevent accidental operation.

The power converter is a PCB module which converts the 12 V power of the car to 5 V for the mobile phone. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is supported and placed on the back of the mobile phone. The clamp is a laser-sintered piece of polyamide.

Prototype shows road map of Nürburgring race map © MESO / Sarah Schmid
First prototype of display system unit with clams © MESO / Sarah Schmid
CAD rendering smartphone module on steering © MESO
CAD rendering of display section © MESO

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