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We developed the technology for an interactive dashboard including gesture recognition and eye tracking for the Hyundai “Genesis HCD-14” concept car, premiered at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

Everything at a glance

Intuitive gesture control of cars is Hyundai’s vision for a future human-machine interface. For this reason, we developed an intuitive driver interface by using state-of-the-art driver eye-tracking and gesture control.

Hyundai Genesis Concept “HCD-14” © Hyundai Motor Group
The elegant interior design from the driver's perspective © Hyundai Motor Group

A small heads-up display shows up on the lower part of the windshield, with icons for each of the car’s various systems. 

The car is able to recognize specific driver eye movements as commands to control car functions, such as infotainment, audio or navigation; the driver can control functions with their eyes while continuing to monitor traffic. 

The inspiration for the monochrome graphical user interface came from billboard design. The granular graphical language enhances the eye-tracking experience and allows for faster information processing.

Selection by human eye movements (indicated by “eye symbol”)
Controlling the menu selection by human eye movements (indicated by “eye symbol”)
Controlling the fan speed by gesture control (indicated by “gesture symbol”)

The driver can put their hand in front of a sensor area near the console and make a gesture, such as turning their wrist, to control functions, like adjusting the stereo’s volume or fan speed, or a motion to select a radio station or turn on the heated seats.


The heads-up display (HUD) is actually a high-brightness projector, positioned under the dashboard. The technical components were assembled in California, USA.

Driver information display from driver's perspective
Projector assembly for HUD display
CAD of steering wheel

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