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Devanagari Letter Vocalic R (U+0090B)

decodeunicode was a research project initiated by the Department of Design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen asked us to participate as a project partner for the implementation of the website. is an open wiki database system that contains every sign of the Unicode character set. Users can contribute to this huge database and share their knowledge.

decodeunicode Poster with all 65,536 characters © Johannes Bergerhausen, Siri Poarangan

We supplied a technical concept and restructured our CMS “aspekt:ratio” to provide a small wiki-system for each of the 65,535 Unicode signs in the basic multilingual plane of Unicode 4.0.1.

Now everyone can provide knowledge, wisdom and anecdotes for signs and blocks, and foreign languages that use these signs. The community can upload example images of interesting uses of a particular sign, and take part in discussions about meaning and history. 

Print publication “decodeunicode – Die Schriftzeichen der Welt”

© MESO / Constantin Urban

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