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In a collective project with ShiftABB Robotics and Prof. Manfred Stumpf for the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce, we created a kinetic light installation brought to life by two industrial robots in three pneumatic domes. It was shown during Luminale 2012, a biennial festival of light art and urban design in and around Frankfurt.

Archaic meets High-Tech

During Luminale, the city of Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main region turns into a melting pot for light art and urban interventions, while the Light+Building fair simultaniously presents the latest technology in the sector.

Connecting art, heritage, and high-tech, we developed an open air installation set in the city center. 

The protagonists of Shadow Play were two industrial robots by ABB equipped with high-intensity lights. They were each placed inside a transparent, pneumatic dome facing the building of the Chamber of Commerce and the historic Frankfurt stock exchange. 

The dome’s skin was covered in symbols and map sections connected to the Rhein-Main region.

As the robots moved in a predefined choreography and cast light on the symbols, they were projected onto the facade of the stock exchange.

This created fascinating interplays between light and shadow. In combination with the soundscape developed for this occasion, the audience experienced a unique atmosphere.

Robots in Motion

The challenge we faced was to combine precise projection and a detailed sequencing with natural movements performed by the two robots. In vvvv, we set up a custom control software driving the robots as well as the lights mounted on them.

From the initial idea …
… to the final set-up …
… and technical specification.

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Thomas Eichhorn, Nikos Mechanezidis, Friedrich Söllner