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© Opel AG

We created bespoke display systems and implemented the innovative user interface of the highly successful 2016 OpelGT Concept” coupe.

An icon rejuvenated

The new GT gets its DNA from the legendary 1965 Opel sports coupe of the same name and fuses it with a totally contemporary design language and user experience.

Opel GT Concept © Opel AG
Glassbending: Windshield and sunroof are one. © OPEL AG

We built on a well-defined storyboard and style frames from the Opel design team and contributed the detailed motion design, refined the technical solution, and provided the engineering to integrate the digital hardware.

The cockpit design inherits the formal signature of the original GT, but turns the entire surface of the dashboard into a single, seamless display unit. In spite of an abundance of affordances, the interior retains a unique minimalistic aesthetic.

A dashing dash. © OPEL AG
Omni Touchwheel. © EVO Magazine

The briefing called for a realistic rendition of a conversational interface; a voice assistant with which the driver could communicate. Additional navigation affordances come from a circular multi-touch interface in the center console, which is also used to start the engine.

The UI metaphor of the OnStar disc...
... literally encircles all of the usual affordances...
of a modern in-car firmware.

Straight lines

The technology in here is absolutely amazing.

The display’s seamless sculptural form is illuminated by rear projection. The speedometer and rev counter are technically tricky to project on due to the deep wells they sit in. Together with Opel engineers, we worked out the placement of the projector units to create a complex projection mapping at a miniature scale. Thanks to the use of a new generation of miniature projectors, the entire display system and its controllers fit into a nook in the engine compartment.

The slick exterior also did away with rear-view mirrors, so an electronic solution was needed. We provided a sub-miniature multi-camera system for integration into the wheelhouses. The internal rear-view displays are circular and can be switched from the actual camera view to an on-road simulation for occasions when the car is presented stationary.

The car was awarded the “Best of Best” award in the category “Concepts” of the German Design Council’s Automotive Brand Award in 2016.

Opel GT Concept 2016 Logo © Opel AG

Making Of

Adjusting the projector caches on the bench. 4 projectors combine to illuminate the cluster.
The real view mirrors, too could only be produced in this shape with rear projection.

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