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© Ken Schluchtmann

Coffee Exhibit

We designed and developed interactive exhibits for an exhibition about coffee for Siemens at the 2009 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin.

We installed a multitude of interactive monitors into the table, which were set into a multilayered framework by Franken Architekten and filled with rich graphic layers developed by Hauser Lacour. Exhibit construction by Metron.

Production of Coffee Exhibit with three screens © Ken Schluchtmann
Coffee Exhibit © Ken Schluchtmann

We equipped all monitors with simple-to-use dials, which enable simple, lightweight and playful interaction. To communicate the high level of technical sophistication of Siemens products, we used 30" high resolution computer monitors  (2560 × 1920 pixels at 60 fps).

One monitor displayed a timeline showing the cultural history of coffee. Another monitor compared different species of coffee beans by giving a “zooming tour” into their respective centers. A “crema-calculator” allowed visitors to experience the various factors required to achieve a perfect crema espresso. Four monitors featured the many features of the Siemens EQ7 with a sliding video viewer.

As a highlight of the interactive table we created an image slider for high-quality photos of coffee-growing and refinement, which used three monitors.

Coffee Exhibit © Ken Schluchtmann

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