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© Anja Simons / Zaha Hadid Architects

Rome in rear view mirror

We were invited to create the software intelligence behind the entrance installation by Tobias Rehbergercommissioned by the Zaha Hadid-built MAXXI Museum for the Art of the XXI. Century in Rome. We were consulted by the artist and implemented a coherent systems design.

Like most great works of art, this one is simple. It consists of no more than a smart rule of play, some colored lights (courtesy of Zumtobel Illuminazione) and a little computer program that extracts exactly one color value from a DVD. The video played is the curators’ choice. 

Skyline and byline © Anja Simons / Zaha Hadid Architects
© Anja Simons / Zaha Hadid Architects

Notably, the visitors will never have the chance of actually seeing the film itself. All they will ever get, sitting on the Hadid-built bench underneath the installation, shall be the beautiful Rehberger-conceived fluorescence emanating from the ledge of the museum’s roof.

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Sebastian Oschatz, Andreas Karlen, Selin Oczelik, Philipp Lorenz