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© MESO Digital Interiors

UN Studio invited us to provide a projected lighting design for their contribution to the exhibit “Out There: Architecture Beyond Building” at the Arsenale as part of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. The UN Studio installation explored the transformative potential of the material world. Just like fashion designers, architects offer alternate looks and identities, age and income-appropriate shells.

Can architecture still have autonomy? 

According to UN Studios the lesson is to “switch it on, switch it off” … to find autonomy in brief moments of liberation.

© MESO Digital Interiors
© UN Studios / Christian Richters
Arrangement of 9 projectors © UN Studios / MESO Digital Interiors

The installation structure presents an architecture that is as supple as a textile, in which floors, walls and ceilings flow into each other.

...and in this case, the walls really are bendy.

© MESO Digital Interiors

On the inside, the visitor encounters a kaleidoscopic world of people posing, inviting voyeurism, and seeking transformation in their own conceptualizations of the changing room.

We developed an ever-changing “remix” of various YouTube videos selected by UN Studios after looking for the keyword “change” which was projected on the walls by nine video projectors we installed inside the structure.

© MESO Digital Interiors
© MESO Digital Interiors
© MESO Digital Interiors
© UN Studios

Behind the scenes

The Arsenale (empty) (no ladders) © Arsenale
more ladders. © MESO Digital Interiors
© UN Studios
© UN Studios
© UN Studios

Tweaking the multi-projection mapping on-site. 

Diki calibrating (in process) © MESO Digital Interiors
Projectors integrated into the ceiling

We modified ultra-short throw projectors to integrate them in the ceiling so that no projector was hanging in the space.

From technical setup under the hood to aesthetic quality assurance before the opening. 

Diki, developing © MESO Digital Interiors (Max)
Architects Mr. Veddeler (Center) and Mr. van Berkel of UN Studio © MESO Digital Interiors

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Sebastian Oschatz, Philipp Dikmann, Ingolf Heinsch, Tim Findeisen