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© MESO Digital Interiors

We were asked by Just/Burgeff Architects to design a digital highlight for their building project Westend Gate by Aberdeen Asset Management, a revitalization of a 1976 high-rise next to the Frankfurt Fair.

The five monitors have been carefully arranged and occluded to create a dynamic yet elegant shape in the room.

© Eibe Sönnecken
J/B A slightly modulated the facade in the lower area of the building © Just/Burgeff Architekten
..which we took as a basis for a generative model for the animations © MESO Digital Interiors

The brief called for a business index with refined elegance on a tight budget. We took inspiration from the charming Just/Burgeff facade details and created an info-wall with high-resolution monitors that slowly animate the undulating wedges in a smooth motion.

The Facade is resembled in the screen design

© MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
© MESO Digital Interiors

Using vvvv as the engine of choice, we were able to run seamless, smooth animations over the entire info-wall from just one computer, thus significantly lowering the total cost of ownership.

A little bit of interactivity adds what we like to call the MESO-factor: staff at the front desk have a small touch tablet at their disposal with which they can call up an individual greeting or way-finding message for new visitors.

Curious about our approach? Feel free to get in touch!

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Ben Schiek, Philipp Lorenz, Alexander Graf, Max Wolf