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© MESO / Alexander Teczar

Industrial automation company Keyence challenged us to create an easy-to-handle yet concise product display that allows both the presenter and clients to explore innovative industrial sensor products. It was conceived as an assisting demo for the presenters during trade shows and was required to maintain optimal product functionality as a key feature. Understanding the technical complexity of the sensors was key to designing a simple, sleek, and usable demo case.

The black products are prominently placed in a vertical position and contrasted with a white background, drawing attention and inviting passers-by to actively engage with them.

© MESO / Alexander Teczar
© MESO / Alexander Teczar
© MESO / Alexander Teczar

The advanced displays illustrate the functionality of the Keyence product lines while impeccably hiding the supporting technology behind a sleek design aligning all exhibits.

Urs mounting the sensor components in the workshop

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Alex Leask, Sebastian Kujas, Sebastian Quader, Sarah Schmid, Romina Marsico, Alexander Teczar