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What would you like your audience to take away from their experience?

Digital technologies are often brought in to museums as a novelty effect trying to attract younger audiences. However, we believe that technology should be used to initiate discussion, not replace it. Archives, collections, physical exhibits and the communicative space of museums are the basis of institutional trust. This gives them too much substance and potential to merely be substituted by the black mirrors in our pockets. Therefore we seek to transform curated exhibitions and abstract concepts into memorable situations in real space, fostering education and enabling knowledge.

How we develop tools for the museum of the future:

We have the experience to conceptualize, define, plan, prototype, produce, and manage digital exhibits. Our history of implenting emerging technologies in commercial projects allows us to cost effectively transfer that knowledge to the public sector. Knowing that simple solutions are often best and equipped with a routine understanding of relevant media we weave complex exhibits, content, and our interactive tools into one coherent scenography.

Turn-Key Solutions

From consulting, conceptual planning, development and production to up-and-running systems as well as on-site services – our team is there for you during all project phases.

Media Strategy

We help you cut through the complex mess of available technologies. We can evaluate the potentials and risks of proven and novel technologies. Unlock your digital archives and create signature experiences from your unique collections.

Procurement Consulting

We support you in putting up public projects by advising on the media strategy. We evaluate technical solutions and potential difficulties the project might entail. From there, we define work packages for tendering digital elements and find possible project partners.

Visitor Scenario Definition

From school classes to professional audiences – our target-group-specific concepts for multimedia exhibits and guidance systems are designed to meet the needs of all recipients. 

Exhibition and Archive Content Evaluation

We creatively assess and analyze your digital collections. By assuming the visitor’s perspective, we leverage their full potential.

Information Architecture and Storytelling

Our approach focuses on accessibility, comprehensibility, creating curiosity and the visitors’ cognitive process, while always considering the interaction between the visitor, exhibit and museum staff.

Citizen Science

We develop online systems and mobile apps for data acquisition, media upload and managing visitor feedback. We pre-process, aggregate or anonymize data and provide approval workflows.

Participatory Exhibitions and Media Guides

We develop bespoke media guide software for standard mobile devices which allow for controlling digital exhibits, interactive role playing games as well as audio/video recording and processing.

Scenography, Interior and Object Design

We combine tangible objects with digital content and create haptic environments that not only create awareness but also allow for memorable experiences. Our interior and object design integrates into holistic scenographic settings.

Technology Consulting

We can often surprise with cost-effective projection mapping setups, LED lighting systems, tangible interfaces, historical or scientific models.

Graphic Motion and Sound Design

We create scientific animations, educational films, information graphics, maps, illustrations or exhibition graphics with our in-house designers or network of specialists.


We prototype concepts from the earliest possible point. From storyboards and paper prototypes to interactive demos and content-driven websites.

Media Planning, Production, and Installation

We plan and produce up-and-running systems from CAD drawings, component lists, block diagramms to software specifications as well as supervising construction processes and external subsections.

Cost-Effective Custom Solutions

We have ready-to-use modular software libraries, hardware and media playback solutions; often based on open source standards. Equipped with these components our in-house software and electronic experts can tailor cost-effective solutions.

Software and Hardware Development

From guidance systems on mobile devices to interactive spatial exhibits: We develop all types of software for all types of platforms in-house.

Workflow Design

We develop workflow and content management systems for a seamless process between curators, authors, translators, photographers, architects, researchers, and our designers and programmers.

Project Management, Controlling, and Quality Assurance

As a general contractor, our planners think through each project phase, manage subsections and develop concise budgets and timelines with great attention to on-time, in-budget delivery.


All our digital systems are easy-to-use and are supplemented by understandable user manuals. Our service team is ready to coach your staff and guarantees continuous 2nd level support, whether it's on-site or remote.

Thanks to our transdisciplinary approach, we are tempted to transform even excel sheets into a playful, contemplative and memorable experiences.

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