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BMW and Austrian extreme athlete Peter Salzmann combined the power of electric drive with wingsuit flying in an impressive experiment. Together with Meiré und Meiré and  Expotec, we made this unique moment accessible for everyone with an immersive installation.

adrenalin rush on demand

With the support of BMW’s engineers, material experts and designers, Peter Salzmann managed to realize a long-held dream: taking wingsuit flying to the next level by adding an electrified power unit.

Peter Salzmann during his flight © BMW

After years of researching and testing, the experiment could finally take place in the Austrian Alps. With the power of the BMW iX3 electric motor, Salzmann did not only jump and glide in his wingsuit, but actually gained altitude, soaring over the mountain group “Three Brothers”.

To turn this extreme experiment into something everyone can dive into, Meiré und Meiré developed the concept for a 4D experience. While our long-time partner Expo Tec was commissioned with the mechanics and set-up of the kinetic installation, we took over technical planning and the development of all software components.

The BMW wingsuit installation at Greentech Festival 2021 © metron

With a complex kinetic installation, two curved monitors, VR glasses,  and wind effects, the feeling of flying is brought to life. Visitors of the BMW Welt in Munich assume the posture of the wingsuit pilot and relive Peter Salzmann’s spectacular jump through 360 degree VR video and fine tuned kinetic movements.

A helmet-mounted camera records the visitors’ reactions and automatically combines it with scenes from the VR video. The personal clip can then be retrieved on a special webpage, downloaded and shared via social media. We took care of the web programming and content generation.

A visitor experiencing the simulation at BMW Welt


Our custom control app allows the hosts to digitally manage all aspects of the experience. Appointments are collected in a schedule module with the possibility to add, shift and delete requests. During operation, the experience is monitored and can be stopped or paused any time. In this way, organization and safety is maintained in one easy-to-use and compact solution.

Experience app, menu © MESO
Experience app, appointment overview and control before start © MESO
Experience app, appointment overview and control while running © MESO


Programming of information monitors for waiting visitors © MESO
Hardware installation © MESO
Test flight © MESO
Checking the visitor position © MESO

Setting up at BMW Welt


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