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© Christof Rieken

Digitalization in the healthcare sector is met with an astonishing number of hurdles and a lot of scepticism, resulting in many things still being handled in an analogue manner at doctors’ offices and medical facilities. We have once again taken on the challenge of bringing the topic of eHealth into space, making it tangible and easy to understand – this time with Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin’s the showroom DEMO.

Identifying opportunities

KV Berlin has been offering its members a very special service since November 2023: at DEMO, doctors, psychotherapists and medical staff can learn about eHealth.

© Christof Rieken

Thanks to our experience in this area we were chosen to proove – as we did for the KVWL in Dortmund – that digitalization solutions can be translated into an attractive spatial experience in a clear, exciting and hands-on way.

Our team managed the project from the initial idea up to the opening. Our scope of services included conception, design, programming and hardware integration. We also oversaw all external service providers and ensured smooth implementation on site. Standard devices were cleverly used and combined with custom-made solutions to create a cost-effective yet unique result.

Demonstration an einem der Arbeitsplätze

© Christof Rieken

In a series of workshops, we defined requirements, content, focal points and goals with our client. This resulted in a clear objective right from the start enabling us to jointly embark on an efficient process.

The core of the concept is to create an attractive learning experience for a diverse target group, both for individual visitors and for guided groups.

Leseartikel auf dem Tablet © Christof Rieken
Workshop am zentralen Tisch © Christof Rieken

Our tried-and-tested MUSE/OS solution is also put to use in this project. With personal tablets and a combination of analog exhibits and digital media surfaces, we integrate content in various formats despite the small space. This allows us to achieve depth and variety without cluttering the showroom.

Together, we developed a content strategy that filters, structures and prepares the wealth of available information in a meaningful way. Texts, illustrations, films and images can be managed via a CMS and updated at any time. This means that the system can be used independently by our customer in the long term.

Practice of the future

DEMO is located on the first floor of the KV Berlin headquarters at Masurenallee near the Berlin Trade Fair.

Wartebereich und Eingang zu DEMO © Christof Rieken
Showroom mit verschiedenen Themenbereichen © Christof Rieken

Based on KV Berlin’s corporate design, we created a consistent look. Recurring visual elements, a modern color concept and a range of custom-made furniture create an inviting atmosphere and subtle zoning. A seating area and a table with chairs allow for different usage scenarios – individually or as a group.
Two digital information walls are embedded in this structural framework as a collage of monitors in different formats. There is also space for two workstations and innovative medical devices. The designers Marc Ulm, Marie Schoppmann and Jan Buchczik joined our team to realize the spatial experience.

Hintergrundinfos auf dem Tablet © Christof Rieken

At the heart of the communicative concept is the interplay of different media that users can access independently. This is where our personal tablets come into play, which are handed out at the start of the visit. They serve as a key to content and applications, accompany and support the visit and allow topics to be added to an individual collection.

Beschilderung mit Pucks © Christof Rieken

Throughout the showroom, signs are clustered into topics and marked with a round puck. The pucks can be scanned via NFC technology, triggering the relevant content both on the tablet and on the media in the room. Here, we use the existing technology of the tablets to create the basis for an impressive visitor experience with little effort.

a digital key

eHealth is a multi-layered and complex topic often met with skepticism by the target group. Together with our client, we have nevertheless succeeded in turning the content into an easy-to-understand learning experience that looks good and is fun.

Artikel und Menü © Christof Rieken

The personal tablets, the wall monitors and the demo hardware “work” hand in hand for this.

The tablets not only serve as keys, but also as the main information medium. Scanning the respective puck in the room activates articles linked in the CMS.

We have developed a clear screen design peppered with visual quotes from the corporate design of KV Berlin. The texts are divided into sections. The interaction elements are deliberately reduced and designed to be self-explanatory so that all visitors can use the app immediately.

A series of visuals were created exclusively for the exhibition, giving it a light and contemporary touch.

A highlight are the specially developed tablet bumpers, which not only provide the standard tablet with protection and easy handling, but also integrate it into showroom’s overall look.

Artikel mit Illustration © Christof Rieken
Maßgefertigter Bumper für Sicherheit und Komfort © Christof Rieken

The wall-mounted monitors add large-format surfaces to the tablet. A quiet, graphical idlemode is automatically switched on activation. When scrolling through the article, the system recognizes which section is currently in focus and displays the linked content.

The monitors provide space for images or text quotes, particularly in conversational or guided tour situations.

Führungssituation an der Medienwand

© Christof Rieken

Learning by Doing

Selbstmessstation für Vitalparameter © Christof Rieken

What would digitalized work in healthcare facilities look like? In addition to theoretical information on the topic of eHealth, DEMO also aims to make the actual application tangible.
To make this possible, our hardware experts have seamlessly integrated a range of real products into the showroom.

Software solutions with all their functions – from online appointment booking and digital patient files to remote consultations – can be tested at two fully equipped workstations. The tablet is plugged into a base and immediately functions as part of the station. Visitors use it to control the workstation by switching back and forth between the various functions; at the same time, they receive hints and instructions.

A wall monitor in portrait format also serves as a visual element here to highlight the most important points.

Apps und Devices zum Ausprobieren © Christof Rieken

Another station presents real devices like tablet apps or wearables. DEMO also offers a digital medical history station to try out. Visitors can call up background information on all applications using the corresponding pucks.
The flexible system makes it possible to keep the exhibits up to date and make changes at any time.

As a permanent partner, we will continue to support KV Berlin in the coming years in further developing DEMO with new approaches.

Curious about our approach? Feel free to get in touch!

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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
Gutleutstr. 96 . 60329 Frankfurt . Germany


Cornel Brand, Bettina Braun, Alessia Corsini, Susanne Heinlein, Daniel Maaz, Sebastian Oschatz, Anna Rack, Ian Rodriguez, Ben Schiek, Jonas Schreiber, Constantin Urban, Mathias Wollin