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With a precise understanding of the requirements of modern product and brand communication, we develop innovative solutions. Whether at trade fairs, in corporate showrooms at roadshows or at the point of sale: we design innovative encounters.

We create digital tools that support your team on site to convey the desired messages.
To inspire your target group for your products and your brand.


Our services range from strategic consulting, conception, planning and media design to turnkey implementation. We structure complex communication hierarchies and create interactive spatial experiences. Our customized digital solutions give content a form and shape interactions as naturally as possible. In the process, we often develop completely new media formats.

For us, digital technology is the key to everything. That's why we always start with an in-depth analysis of the project conditions and the messages to be conveyed. In order to use technology not only as a means to an end, a deep understanding of all communication goals and the spatial and social conditions is essential. Only then can appropriate interaction strategies and cost-effective technologies be found so that the full innovation potential can be realized.

Turn-Key Solutions

From consulting, conceptual planning, development and production to up-and-running systems as well as on-site services – our team is there for you during all project phases.

Media Systems Strategy

We develop bespoke concepts based on your brand values and corporate goals. Regardless of whether you are looking for interactive architecture, digital exhibits, games, sculptures, simulators or eye-candy: We brainstorm, design, develop, iterate, refine and implement.

User Scenario Definition

From stand-alone, single-user, to multi-user, guided access and presentation tools – our specific concepts for media exhibits are designed for various communication purposes. Be it B2B or B2C, brand or product communication.

Interaction Experience Concept

Our brand experience concepts are always anchored in your content: We develop immersive and surprising interactions as well as information architecture to push your corporate identity to the next level.

Technology and Material Research

We are a resourceful partner when it comes to implementing novel materials and digital technologies. Our consultancy service benefits from a strong network of global partners including research laboratories developing innovative products and solutions as well as state-of-the-art materials.

Graphic, Motion, and Sound Design

We create graphics, 3D, motion and multi-channel sound design with our in-house designers and a network specialists.

Digital Prototypes and Models

We build interactive prototypes, not static mockups, to understand and communicate the media concept in all phases of the project.

Media Planning and Production

We plan and produce up-and-running systems from CAD drawings, component lists, block diagramms to software specifications as well as supervising construction processes and external subsections.


We have a large modular library of cost-effective ready-to-use solutions, which can be tailored to customer requirements at any time.

Software and Hardware Development

We develop bespoke solutions connecting systems conventionally considered incompatible. Our in-house developers are eager to work with almost any technology – be it real-time 3D graphics, computer vision, robotics, sensor technologies, machine learning, microcontrollers or the latest web technologies.


We develop easy-to-use content management systems for all types of exhibits for worldwide markets. We provide multilingual systems for easy updates at installations around the globe.

Project Management, Controlling and Quality Assurance

As a general contractor, our planners think through each project phase, develop conciseand manageable budgets and timelines with great attention to on-time, in-budget delivery.

Monitoring and Maintenance

With real-time monitoring and regular service routines we prevent problems before they appear. We provide extensive training for your technicians and guarantee continuous 2nd level support, on-site or remote.