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What do you expect from a digital service?

We understand digital technology. As a transdisciplinary professional partner with a technology background, we help you prototype your ideas, try them out and leverage untapped potential. With a comprehensive understanding of UI/UX in all physical and screen-based technologies.

We implement front ends and back ends for mobile, desktop and IoT.
We take a real-world perspective while driving innovation that helps you accelerate the pace and transform your business.

How we create innovation-driven solutions:

Across industries, we bring the expertise to turn your ideas into working software, no matter what type of device, operating system or API. With experience in full-stack software production focussing on open web standards, we not only talk about concepts but also implement and maintain them in the long-run. We build working infrastructures, improve and update existing ones or re-new workflows. Harvesting operational benefits while working cost-effectively, we combine industry standards and open source components.

Next to our expertise in delivering bespoke solutions, we continuously gain other valuable insights from implementing, developing and maintaining our own infrastructure – being developers and users at the same time. This perspective enables us to transfer knowledge, work on eye-level and find innovative solutions, tweaking performance and productivity to deliver tangible results.

IT Management Consultancy

We grasp the big picture and evaluate technical potential from a full-stack perspective. We run feasibility studies and consult you in terms of systems and workflow architecture, whether it’s for an existing or planned IT infrastructure.

Partner Network

Our clients are spread across industries, including automotive, material science and industrial automation. We are happy to connect you with the right partners to push your innovation forward.

Open System Architecture

Our products and services interoperate with or embed in existing systems, and allow for long-term extensibility and scalability.

User Interface Design

We implement cutting-edge on-screen interfaces with modern web technologies and have vast experience in connecting database backends, sensors and physical interfaces through a broad variety of application layer protocols.

Product and Corporate Design

We design physical products and corporate graphics, logos, motion and sound for your business with our in-house designers or a network specialized designers.

Rapid Protyping

Our in-house team of system experts builds working prototypes to verify the compatibility and usability of all software, hardware and electronic components involved in your service or product.

IoT Infrastructures

We are specialists in planning, developing and deploying software on IoT platforms. From cloud services or on-site systems to intelligent real-time network applications to embedded systems with field bus connectivity.

Full-Stack Web Development

With our state-of-the-art expertise in web-technology we develop all aspects of frontend and backend software on any major device or operating system – with a strong focus on open source and independent infrastructure.

IT Security Assessment

We systematically audit technical aspects of existing systems with regard to security and build new infrastructures on the basis of state-of-the-art encryption technology and access delegation.


Your team is spread around the world? We create highly collaborative online systems.

Iterative Process

Adaptive planning, short feedback loops and evolutionary development are the core values for our cross-functional teams allowing for flexible project requirements and an iterative process.

Monitoring and Long-Term Maintenance

We integrate hardware and software monitoring, generate automatic reports and our developers guarantee long-term 3rd level support and provide in-depth manual assessments to keep your infrastructure up and running.