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Buildings and spaces have their own distinctive character.  We orchestrate digital media to sharpen this character.
We integrate interactivity and smart, energy-efficient solutions into your architecture.

With an eye on the needs of visitors, residents, operators and passers-by, we find answers to complex requirements. Often by using artistic strategies.
We design and plan intelligent lighting, signage and information systems, media facades and kinetic elements.
We simplify complex technology.

How we strengthen architecture through communicative technologies

Our transdisciplinary team provides expertise during all service phases: from concept to detailed planning, from tendering to construction and maintenance. We provide fascinating solutions that ensure fully-functioning systems for all stakeholders. We thoroughly analyze all relevant parameters to evaluate and advise on possible media, materials and surfaces.
This results in the definition of potential and assessment of emerging technologies in order to develop a concept in dialogue with all project partners. With years of experience in staging exhibitions, brand spaces and developing digital infrastructure, we source from an interdisciplinary network to deliver innovative, user-oriented solutions to connect your building project to its users. 

Turn-Key Solutions

From consulting, conceptual planning, development and production to up-and-running systems as well as on-site services – our team is there for you during all project phases.

Media Strategy

Our hands-on expertise in innovative media technology allows us to find the best solution for your design language: From kinetic elements to LED technology, from sensors and actors to smart devices, IoT and web technologies.

User Interaction Scenario

Coming from a software usability background, we analyze the different needs of residents, visitors, operators and maintenance staff to make sure the architecture can communicate to its full digital potential without compromising on maintainability.

Generative Architecture

Our fully digital content production workflow is a natural match for generative or parametric design strategies.

Technology Consulting and Research

We help you decide which technologies to use or which processes to plan for a successful project. Our consultancy service benefits from a strong network of global partners including research laboratories developing innovative products and solutions as well as state-of-the-art materials.

Graphic, Motion, and Sound Design

We create graphics, animations, color schemes and films with our in-house designers or a network of specialized designers. We can also set up systems to allow visitors, residents or your advertising partners to implement their own designs.

Dynamic Visualization and Simulation

From interactive renderings to real-time VR environments: Our in-house team of developers is proficient in dynamic visualizations of your design.

Digital Models

We augment tangible models with LEDs, projections or displays to convey the planned interactive elements of the project.

Media Planning and Production

We plan and produce up-and-running systems from CAD drawings, component lists, block diagramms to software specifications as well as supervising construction processes and external subsections.

Software and Hardware Development

We develop bespoke solutions connecting various software and hardware components to create new communicative possibilities for your architecture.

Mobile Apps and Kiosks

We design bespoke user interfaces for mobile devices, web pages and touch kiosks to make complex technology elegant and easy-to-use.


We extend the functionality of your architecture by including external media sources. Our bespoke software will automatically integrate media content within your specific design parameters.

Project Management, Controlling, and Quality Assurance

As a general contractor, our planners think through each project phase, develop concise and manageable budgets and timelines with great attention to on-time, in-budget delivery.

Monitoring and Long-Term Maintenance

With real-time monitoring and regular service routines we prevent problems before they appear. We provide extensive training for your technicians and guarantee continuous 2nd and 3rd level support; on-site or remote.