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Of course technology is driving us. However, it is more about transformation, although it is not always clear which part we must transform. Sometimes we have to transform ourselves, sometimes the initial idea.


We're poppin some corn!

This years contribution to Luminale Frankfurt “PopKornmarkt” is on sight! Come around, try out our interactive installation, fill up a 200m2 projection of popcorn and win a bag of popcorn or check our feature on

2. Kreativwirtschaftstag Hessen

Theron Burger was invited to speak at “Kreativwirtschaftstag 2018” as part of a mini conference hosted by NODE Forum for Digital Arts. He talked about our work for Moovel Labs, empathizing with cars and possible utopian futures. Thank you all for joining the discussion!

Gearing up for the press days with BMW

We're preparing 57 ipads with managed content and presenters for a 10 day excursion to Geneva.


Digital Future(s): Feels like Hessen Interview with Theron

Prior to Kreativwirtschaftstag 2018, Theron Burger spoke to the hessian blog “Feels like Hessen” about digital futures and the potential of creative industries.
Open Call

KIKK is calling for Speculative Designers

Opportunity for critical thinkers, artists, students or recent graduates of design and affiliate disciplines: apply for a one month residency with KIKK Festival & Goethe-Institut!

No robots where harmed in the making of this exhibit.

Quick maintenance work at KUKA Robotics.


pick & play is the way

new tools for the electronics workshop


Welcome on board to Dávid D. Mórász!

This is what he looks like when he is veeery excited, receiving one of the precious quads for his extensive vvvv contributions at “NODE Forum for Digital Arts” last summer.


HyperMOODbox Opening at Frankfurt Main Station

HyperMOODbox, an audiovisual installation by Marc Behrens, Annesley Black and Julia Mihály is opening tonight at 7 PM. We were happy to help a bit doing electronics engineering & custom hardware interface production. The project is on sight until February, 15th.


We're looking back at exciting times developing "Who wants to be a Self-Driving car", a data trust exercise, immersive media experience, interactive prototype and unconventional driving machine that lets you see the world through the eyes of an autonomous car.

A couple of couplers just coupling around....


Sometimes it’s digital, sometimes its analogue, sometimes it’s just cuddles. But it’s always tlc.


Happy new year!

We‘d like to thank all our clients, friends and partners for making 2017 a success and we‘re grateful you joined us on our journey. To another year full of surprises, lessons and challenges - stay curious and ready to accomplish great things!


Happy holidays!

Here is a snap from this year's christmas party, where Mathias gave a first sneak peek into our new website.


Silver medal at the 2017 DDC Awards for KUKA Brand Experience!

Thanks to tisch13 Gmbh for getting us on board – and big ups to all project partners: kling klang klong, Metron Eging, ExpoTec and of course KUKA Robotics.

The kids are happy...

... because our PCB milling machine is spitting out some fresh boards!

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