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Pretty patterns generated by involuntary DoS attacks


Always try yourself and always have the opportunity to try out new ways for the same problems.


Unimpressed by technology since 1997.


Testing for Nacht der Museen

We're flexing and testing electromyography for Davide Balula's performance at “Nacht der Museen” at Schirn Kunsthalle on May, 5th. Save the Date!

Anne Frank. Morgen mehr.

Deborah Krieg vice director of Bildungsstätte Anne Frank giving insights on the upcoming exhibition. We are contributing digital exhibits and a mobile interactive layer allowing participants to engage in social experiments. The learning lab is opening on June, 12th.

MoAgris: TImon's Modular Agriculture System on Hackaday

MoAgriS is an indoor agriculture system that allows growing food crops and other plants in small spaces for very little money. The set up lets you cultivate plants that are normally not suited as indoor plants. Support Timon's project by liking it on Hackaday.

Moovel Lab’s new Open Data Cam Project

Moovel Lab developed a great new application which lets you quantify your surroundings and enables you to be an urban miner. The tool is based on our darknet fork to receive object detections, developed by Timon:

Light Rider at 11th Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International

Commissioned by Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International and NODE Forum, Theron Burger (MESO) and Damjan Jovanovic have created an AR playpen, through which you can drive bumper cars. The installation is on sight from April, 3rd until April, 8th.

We're poppin some corn!

This years contribution to Luminale Frankfurt “PopKornmarkt” is on sight! Come around, try out our interactive installation, fill up a 200m2 projection of popcorn and win a bag of popcorn or check our feature on

Of course technology is driving us. However, it is more about transformation, although it is not always clear which part we must transform. Sometimes we have to transform ourselves, sometimes the initial idea.


2. Kreativwirtschaftstag Hessen

Theron Burger was invited to speak at “Kreativwirtschaftstag 2018” as part of a mini conference hosted by NODE Forum for Digital Arts. He talked about our work for Moovel Labs, empathizing with cars and possible utopian futures. Thank you all for joining the discussion!

Gearing up for the press days with BMW

We're preparing 57 ipads with managed content and presenters for a 10 day excursion to Geneva.


Digital Future(s): Feels like Hessen Interview with Theron

Prior to Kreativwirtschaftstag 2018, Theron Burger spoke to the hessian blog “Feels like Hessen” about digital futures and the potential of creative industries.

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